Parent Family Relationships

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Main Argument This paper contends that detaching yourself from your parents will create a wider communication gap. Introduction This paper talks about the concept of dormitories and the effect of Dormitory living on a Parent-child relationship. Dormitories are residence halls which are near the campus and a short walk from your classes/employment. The method of this research is by conducting an online survey to acquire enough information on the first year students' perspective on dormitories. The data produced involving fifty (50) first year respondents who were selected systematically, shows that staying in a dormitory shifts the communication gap between the child and his/her parents. Furthermore, the data will also serve as basis for…show more content…
(SRAS Web Site 2014) A Student dormitory is a very important facility which has to be provided by the university. (Susilawati 2001) However, the University of Santo Tomas does not offer dormitories inside the campus. Instead, developers build dormitories at streets near the campus such as: Dapitan Street, P.Noval Street, Lacson Avenue and along España Boulevard. An online survey about dorms was answered by fifty (50) first year students. The selected first year college students came from different schools like: The University of Santo Tomas (UST), De La Salle – College of St. Benilde (DLSU –CSB), Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) and from Miriam College (MC). Quantitative results were attained to end my argument. The questions in the survey are shows the idea of Based on the data gathered, 11 out of 50 respondents live in a dormitory. The 11 respondents see dormitories as a convenient and practical place for students who live far away from their schools. Students particularly those from the provinces stay in boarding houses or dormitories which are…show more content…
The child, staying in a dormitory and the parent can communicate with each other effectively in spite of the distance they have. In some cases, they can't. 13 out of 50 respondents agree that staying in a dorm makes you "rebellious" and "resistive" While 37 out of 50 stated otherwise. Being oppositional, rebellious and resistive is part of the stages of experimentation. It tests the self by going to excess. (Blos 1962) Hence, it is also necessary and useful in defining a mature self. Out of 50 respondents, 26 of them agreed that staying in a dorm is not merely the cause of conflicts between a parent and a child. Negative conflicts between parents reduce the family's network of friends and create more loneliness. (Jones 1992) A conflict tends to change the mood of household interactions and shifts the parents' attention to the negative behaviors of their children. (Jouriles, Bourg, and Farris 1992)However according to Raymond Montemayor, (1983) conflicts that a parent and child usually have pertains to everyday family issues like school

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