Forbidden Love In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet, based in Verona, Italy, is about two teenagers who fall into forbidden love. The two families, Capulet and Montague, hold a generational grudge, that hasn’t been shaken. The young lovers meet at a party, fall in love, despite their families’ histories. The relationship is much more desirable due to the fact that their love is forbidden, and it appears that this almost motivates them to get married. The marriage becomes an act of rebellion; a reaction to their own parents very unbalanced relationships, versus a response to their own emotional truths. Romeo and Juliet are young, and they do not really know any better. They had no relationship whatsoever with their own parents, therefore, they had no guidance or people to give them advice. Due to that fact alone, the grudge, which is partly held onto due to society and their own families’, influence Romeo and Juliet into rushing into their marriage.…show more content…
From the start, Romeo has always chosen a girl that is out of his reach, starting with Rosaline. His attention has now shifted towards Juliet Capulet, someone he once again can not be with. Clearly, forbidden love is what interests him most. Not only does this apply to Romeo, but it also applies to Juliet. Juliet seeks to disobey her parents and prove to them that she can be an independent woman, proving she is no longer a little girl. Juliet admits in one of her speeches that "tis but [his] name is [her] enemy"(ii.ii.41), meaning that if Romeo were of any family but Montague, their relationship would be very much accepted. Despite the fact that they both know they shouldn’t be together, they still stay together. The nurse and Friar initially warn both Romeo and Juliet that their love will not work out due to the ancient grudge, but they still insist they are in love and will proceed to get
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