Sibling Violence Research Paper

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The subject that sparked my interest for this paper was the occurrence of sibling violence in a family. This is an area where a key element that involves family interactions. There appears to be a correlation in the research in reference the effects of family interactions and the occurrence of sibling violence. There is a central theme that if a parent has limited interactions with their children there is a likelihood of sibling violence that will occur. There is also the issue of role reversal with the children and parents that is a contributing factor to the occurrence of sibling violence. Each child in the family unit plays a role in the development of the family. The parental interactions that are witnessed by the children; whether infant to teenager affects their emotional development. The interaction between the parents sets a framework for sibling interaction and behavior patterns later in life. According to Brody (1998) marital unhappiness, conflict and less cohesive family environment has shown more negativity in sibling relationships. If the siblings witness unhealthy interactions between parents it creates tension amongst the siblings. They replicate these interactions in their sibling relationships. According to Brody (1998) children develop their internal representation of relationships from interactions from their primary…show more content…
According to Kiselca et al. (2007) physical abuse can be defined as one sibling deliberately causing physical harm. The physical abuse can occur from hitting, inflicting injury and sexual abuse (Kiselca et. al. 2007). Sibling violence is an example of intimate partner abuse later in life. Again if there is not a healthy subsystem in the family this continues to produce an environment that is prevalent for sibling violence to occur. There are different steps that parents can take to try to subside the occurrence of sibling violence in the

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