Pantene Marketing Strategy

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In an era of an interconnected marketplace and the increasing complexity of the environment, companies have little or no choice but to meet and exceed customer satisfaction. Desired success in the market relies heavily on sound market research strategies. It enables firms to examine existing or potential consumers including competition around. This aptitude of being market focused does not rest with a department, but instead a collective effort in the entire process. In 1945, Hoffman-LaRoche a company in the European country of Switzerland gave birth to Pantene using a drug called Panthenol, a shampoo ingredient. One of America’s largest multinational corporations, Proctor & Gamble, acquired Pantene in 1985. With approximately one hundred and forty thousand employees worldwide, focus is placed on beauty, health and well-being along with personal care products. Comprising of twenty two leading brands including Olay, Gillette and Pantene, the organization has obtained wide global exposure with products sold in over 180 countries through numerous distribution channels.…show more content…
Marketing managers are now forced to address the many concerns and implement strategies relating to consumers, products and the market place by way of market research. Marketing means having a plan to execute and create exchanges relating to pricing, promotion, distribution of products and services thereby satisfying both the establishment and consumers. It takes into consideration the marketing mix, ultimately allowing the company to generate profits. (, 1998-2011). It entails understanding and satisfying the needs of customers. It seeks to maintain existing customers and find new ones by improving product appeal and performance. (Kotler & Armstrong,
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