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We all know that in Harry Potter movies there are variety of people from different race or people of color, and Cho Chang is one of them. Even though her face and her name indicate an Asian ethnic origin but there are many interpretations of her name. It appears that Cho’s name is made up by J.K Rowling randomly. Moreover, Cho’s character becomes less and less mentioned and readers are left with a character with no explanation (Pham, 2014). These complications pose a debate whether Cho Chang is even necessary as a character in the series. Cho chang is described as being very beautiful when first introduced in Harry Potter. A Quidditch match between her house, Ravenclaw, and her opponent, Gryffindor, marks her first appearance and encounter with Harry Potter. Cho is becoming the only female player on the team, and her position as the Seeker shows the reader that she is a speedy individual with great attention to detail (Pham, 2014). From this explanation, we can conclude that Cho Chang has good skills in sport and she is an athlete. However, Cho is never shown being able to win a Quidditch match with her own flair for flight. In fact, in the…show more content…
However, in the books, she is more than that. She is an athlete, a clever student and also a loyal friend. Because of her true roles are cut, the media representation of Cho Chang is not fully true. As explained in the introduction, White Gaze refers to the way media represents Asian American from the white perspective. White Gaze is used to reduce the role of minorities to promote the White Agenda (Pham, 2014). In this case, many Cho’s important roles are reduced and replaced with the majority roles. The white characters are dominating the movie while the perspective of Asian characters are rarely shown. Everything about Cho is shown from the perspective of Harry in the movie. Meanwhile, another part of Cho is never brought

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