Paid Job Analysis

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To begin, as an individual growing up in lower working class, I am forced to rely on student loans to pay for my university tuition. To the day, I am managing 7 classes as well as a 9 1/2 hour paid work week. By working a paid job I have an end goal in mind – to pay off my debt. Through the self-studies, I have recognized that a huge amount of my time is dedicated to mostly unpaid work. Furthermore, I believe the measure of social economic status depends on one’s income which ultimately affects their living conditions. Therefore, since I have been living in the lower class all my life my goal is to change classes through my dedication and hard work. Whereas, Seabrook (2014) demonstrates that individuals in Bangladesh who endure terrible working conditions did not seek the position for any necessary reason (37). In contrast, I am working at my job to pay for my school with hope to move classes, whereas the individuals exploited in Bangladesh will rarely have the opportunity to do so.…show more content…
Due to my class, I have a lot to balance which could easily lead to feeling overwhelmed. However, I have the ability to choose whether or not to do my readings or to refuse unsafe work. Contrastingly, individuals in Bangladesh do not have the option of slacking or refusing work. Garment workers are forced to work long brutal hours all depending on the shipping delivers (Seabrook 2014 p. 43). These workers experience sleepless nights often absence of water and sexual advances by the individuals in charge (22). The working hazards are intensified given the fact that fires are very common; however the doors are locked to prevent the workers from leaving (25). Therefore, even though my workload is heavy I am able to choose the direction of my life, whereas individuals in Bangladesh are forced into continuous rough
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