Seven Nation Army Song Analysis

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The song “Seven Nation Army” is a great song that has hard rock and a very recognizable riff playing through the song. The song “Seven Nation Army” is the first song to be on the album Elephant. The song was the third best performing song in the decade. One thing you might not have known is that the riff that plays through the whole song is actually not a bass. The sound was made with a whammy pedal that was set an octave lower. This was the band's signature song due to having military lyric, it's awesome riff that plays throughout the whole song, and its popularity. Jack White was saving his riff just in case he was ever asked to perform in a James Bond movie. He realized that the chances were not likely so he decided to to apply this riff in one of his songs. Later he would perform in a James Bond movie with Alicia Keys in the Quantum of Solace in 2008.…show more content…
The song is called “Seven Nation Army” because when he was a little boy, he would mispronounce Salvation Army with Seven Nation Army. The album Elephant, was released on April 1, on V2 records. The album is said to have had unbelievable success. The album encompassess hard rock, blues rock, alternative rock, and much more. The album was voted album of the year and won the Grammy Award in 2004. The album was the fourth album released by The White Stripes and the second album to be released by V2 records. The theme that the band was trying to include was to make basic hard rock songs. The band also encourages other bands to go back to the basics and play some hard rock

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