Business Symposium: The Power Of Relationships

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The title for the Business Symposium this year was “The Power of Relationships”. I attended two of the lectures given during that time. They were “Making Relationships that Matter: Mentors, Internships, and More” presented by Mr. Danny Kyle and “Markets and Relationships” presented by Mr. Jay Lewis. They were both very interesting, but the one that really stood out to me was “Markets and Relationships”. Mr. Jay Lewis talked about Free Market and Capitalism which he mentioned were basically the same thing. He also talked about minimum wages. He also talked about executive compensation. With all of these topics, he used his beliefs with telling us that it is okay to disagree with him. Mr. Jay Lewis first explained to us that the free market was the best relationship that both benefit the buyer and the seller. He explained that government intervention causes most market issues. Mr. Jay Lewis explained capitalism as, “a way of organizing an economy so that goods and services are exchanged at freely negotiated prices in voluntary transactions among individual people and companies rather that at government regulated prices in compulsory transactions”. He believes that our country should be purely capitalism. I thought it was interesting that we learned in chapter two of the text book…show more content…
I thought that is was interesting that he shared that in minimum wage, a person who has no experience just starting out and a single mother who has been working for years will be paid the same, so the inexperience worker will be paid more and the single mother will be paid less. The speaker explains that if there was no minimum wage, unemployment would go down. He used the example that Switzerland has no minimum wage, and its unemployment is two to four percent per year. I agree with what the speaker is saying, but unless we have strong political figures that believe in the same thing, the system will never

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