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The future career I want to go in to is Forensic Science, I wanna be a Forensic Science Technician and major in Crime Scene Investigation. Reasons why I want to study this particular career is because I’ve always been intrigued by criminal justice . All the interesting things they do like figure out who killed who and why , lifting fingerprints, finding DNA , recreating crime scenes to see what happened ,what angle the killer shot the gun , how it affected , and more. Forensic Science Technician work in police labs and have secure hours which is a 40 hours a week or be on call if something happens at a odd time like late at night or on weekends , there working environment is mostly inside in a lab but in some situations it could be outside, they get paid good , and have a interesting job all around. Opportunities that can advance you to higher pay is the first step for a great career path to be more specialized…show more content…
Forensic science technicians history started in 1835, Scotland Yards Henry Goddard soon became the first person in history to use physical analysis to connect people to a crime using the analysis to connect a bullet the killer used to to figure out the weapon and how it was used.Bullet examination as the years went on it was more and more precise by 1920 , when american physician Calvin Goddard made a microscope that compared to help determine bullets and what shell casing they came from.Ancient chinese documented fingerprints as a way of identify people and what they touched during the crime they committed the crime. In the 1892, eugenist adherent of the often prejudiced system as to classify things such as fingerprints to see who did the crime the forensic scientist and others such as police and FBIs cases they were put on to figure out what happened.Sir Edward Henry was a commissioner in the metropolitan police of london. Sir Edwards system he made was in 1896 and based on the fingerprints and the pattern of

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