Mid Atlantic Nursing Center Case Study

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Mid-Atlantic Nursing Center Mary Ann Lewis is the CEO of Mid-Atlantic Nursing Center (MANC). She has come to the knowledge that a former patient’s son would like to endorse a new facility to expand MANC. MANC is an assisted living facility whose clients are taken care of in a home like environment. MANC has two open facilities in northern Virginia and in suburban Maryland. The two already running facilities comprise of the Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland metro areas. Both the facilities are well known for their technical knowledge and skills when it comes to hiring the well qualified staff members. MANC makes it a priority to hire the right people who make a perfect fit to care for the specific culture and structure of the MANC company.…show more content…
James Nguyen, who would like to endorse the new expansion of the MANC company, wants to make the new facility a place of care for Vietnamese elderly people who have unique needs. This is a concern for Mary Ann, for the company has no experience in niche marketing and is uncertain that this will benefit the company. Before many main commitment is made, Mary Ann should contract an outside advisor who can perform a community analysis of the Vietnamese population in their area. This will give Mary Ann an idea of the demand and need for services that the new facility can offer. MANC will need to have resources to support the new services, as well as a new organizational structure to support the needs of the different patients. One of the main resources needed are staff members who will not only preform the quality of care that MANC is known for, but also those who can meet specific cultural and social needs, and speak in both English and…show more content…
The Vietnamese Americans are one the minority populations who has disparities in health due to barriers to care. A large barrier to care is the extensive language barrier. As stated above, the new MANC facility will need to have staff members that not only can speak English proficiently, but also are fluent in Vietnamese. However, it does not just call for the staff being able to understand the spoken language but also all literature will need to be in Vietnamese as well. Many elder Vietnamese people have low health literacy in diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and mental health issue but to a shortage of available health literature in their language (Chu, 2011). To help solve this issue, and to better promote the new Vietnamese nursing home, Mary Ann partner with a primary care physician who works with many Vietnamese elderly patients. This can be used to help lessen the barrier to access health care services, and promote the new facility and its

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