Informal Essay: The Odyssey

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Informal Essay: The Odyssey By Homer Odysseus was a gallant and kingly man in The Odyssey. Although Odysseus received idolization for his greatness, Odysseus experienced mixed emotions of cunning, misery, confidence, and temptation. His life was rough, he managed his fate and love well, but fighting the two things on his mind; achieving glory and a homecoming.The Odyssey was written as an entertainment piece of literature. The Odyssey was a long series of books of a “hero” who must go through his fate trials, trial and errors of love and a long homecoming journey like any other heroic figure in a book. Odysseus experienced fate trials that included going to battle and overcoming toilsome trials. Homer had written The Odyssey about a heroic figure because he wanted give a clue to who reads his poems about what he knew or thought his life was like. Because of these poetic descriptions of his own life; architects sculpted and “carved statues of him with thick, curly hair, a beard and sightless eyes.” ("Homer." Bio. A&E Television Networks). When Homer explains in book 12-14 about how Odysseus goes through obstacles with determination, cunning, and protection, it makes the reader wonder why Homer would be writing this about his life…show more content…
After Elpenor’s death, Odysseus goes through a rough time burying him. This is just an example of one of the hardships Odysseus goes through. Odysseus also experiences loss when he must make the choice of loving one woman who he is married to and the other who is one he has just met; but madly in love with. Homer writes that Odysseus juggles these hardships and also goes through back-breaking trials to make a homecoming. Homer’s purpose of these events are to exemplify Odysseus’ strong determination and will finish what has already

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