Warby Parker Case

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After reading the case analysis and doing thorough research the industry in that Warby Parker occupies is the eyewear industry, the are apart of the eyewear industry for the simple fact that the Warby Parker only sales prescription and now sunglasses. The companies beliefs as stated in on their website’s history page “that buying glasses should be easy and fun and it should leave you happy and good-looking, with money in your pocket.” When the company entered the eyewear industry in 2010, at the time as stated in the case study Luxottica controlled over 80 percent of the worlds eyewear brands. With an industry that at the time was almost controlled by one company it was not the best industry to try to be in simply because of the domination…show more content…
It did not have major supply power like Luxottica however they managed to secure a Chinese Manufacture to create affordable frames and an Italian company that would be able to make frames. What is important to note about this is that they managed to find a supplier alternate to Luxottica. According to Forbes article “There’s more to Ray-Ban and Oakley than meets the eye” eyewear companies like Oakley who once were trying to compete were not able to compete with the vast suppliers that Luxottica had and ended up partnering with the dominant eyewear company. Warby Parker’s on the other hand have managed from the early stages of their business to find suppliers that can create affordable yet quality eyewear for distribution and sales. Buyer power has a very strong effect on Warby Parker, simply because when they initially started as a business they were only an online eyewear company. Which mean unlike another eyewear company that has a store inside a mall, they lose customers that can simply walk into the star and be exposed to the product. Eyewear buyers can decide that they feel it is better to buy glasses in person rather then online. If eyewear buyers decided that then the only way for the company to compete would be to lower prices which may make it more challenging for Warby Parker to make a profit. That being said, since opening the company Warby has opened a 17 stores across the United…show more content…
Internal Analysis Based on the case study and thorough research, it is clear that that Warby Parker shows a promising sign to create profit for a sustainable period of time. Although the company does not have nearly as large of a global outreach they have managed to create a niche market of consumers in which they can assure that will be interested in their product. Furthermore to prove that point that the company can create profit as stated in the case study since the company has been able to sell love 500,000 pairs o glass since 2010, which amounts to almost $48 million dollars. The strengths of this company is that it was able to go out and find it’s own manufactures and suppliers to produce their content, without having to rely on any major eyewear businesses to promote them. According to CNN’s article Warby Parker could be next $1 billion company, the company has submitted a term sheet to invest $200 million. Showcasing that the product in which they have created has found its niche in the eyewear community. Additionally they have been able to get their product into eyewear boutiques allowing the business to gain consumers that may or may not have been exposed to the company because when the originated they did a majority of the selling strictly online bringing more revenue to the

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