Odysseus And Gilgamesh Research Paper

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Gilgamesh and Odysseus are different characters from distinct stories. However, they have something in common; the quest for the meaning of life. Gilgamesh is the main character of The Epic of Gilgamesh. He is known for being the first human hero in literature. “The epic reveals the importance of friendship and love, pride and honor, adventure and accomplishment, and also the fear of death and the wish for immortality” (Rosenberg, page). On the other hand, Odysseus is the hero from the epic The Odyssey. He is known for his perseverance and determination. “The main thing that keeps Odysseus going is the thought of one day being home with his family no matter how many set backs he faces” (page). Both characters went through different obstacles in life, but they didn’t give up until get what they wanted.…show more content…
We human beings are not as blessed as the heavenly gods, for we cannot live forever. Every day in my city of Uruk, people die! When I look over the strong walls of my city, I see the Euphrates River bearing their dead bodies” (Rosenberg, page 11). In this passage, it clearly explains how Gilgamesh finally understood that he couldn’t become immortal. He learned that people, sooner or later, would die. As a result, he realized that he has to do something important to be recognized because he will not last forever. He also learned that life is precious and people have live each day as if it was their

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