Erikson Reflection Paper

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Erickson believed that each developmental stage brought its own challenges and he refers to them as crises. Erikson also believed that these crises of the ego present challenges to one’s individual identity. Successful development of the personality (or psychosocial development) depends on meeting and overcoming these tasks or crises (Fleming, 2004, p. 9-4). Every obstacle in life is an opportunity to grow. I believe, as I look back and remember my childhood and adulthood, all the things I have learned. Each stage in my development as a person has given me the opportunity to grow and expand a moral and ethical foundation. Erickson also states that wisdom is a strength associated with the later years in life (Fleming, 2004, p. 9-17). I would like to begin collecting wisdom now and attempt to find meaning and fulfillment in my life now and bypass the challenges Erickson associates with ageing. We are all made up of traits, traits we are born with, and traits we pick up along the way. Empathy, honesty, love, generosity, these traits make up a good person in my mind. I would like to believe I possess some of these traits. How ought a person to live the “good life”? This is a question that philosophers and theologians have grappled with for centuries. A person has only one…show more content…
I hope my faith will increase as well as my generosity. I strive to remain humble, and gracious for the blessings and opportunities I have in my life. The true test of my personal ethics and the validation of the goodness in a strong moral foundation will be in my children’s lives. They are my encouragement to be a good man, and my drive to always pursue happiness. In the beginning of this personal ethical review the question of what values would I die for was asked. After reflecting on my life in such a detailed analysis, family, faith, love and happiness are values I would certainly die

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