Cis 500 Week 4 Case Study United Cereals

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United Cereal (UC) is a $9 billion, 100-year-old, American food company based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Originally, UC began selling a packed mix of cracked wheat, rolled oats, and malt flakes; however, it eventually diversified its product portfolio to snack foods, dairy products, drinks and beverages, frozen foods, and baked goods. Of the variety of products it sells, breakfast cereals bring in one-third of revenues and even more in profits. Due to UC’s strong set of values it has been able to grow multi-nationally expanding into the European market. These values, such as “spot the trend, make the market,” insisted that products required market testing in detail with great results before a product was launched. Launching a product in the…show more content…
They had proven to be effective and Brill modeled her Eurobrand Teams after the ETTs. She would have them develop the future Eurobrand strategies. Composed of various positions such as brand managers or from individuals in the R&D department throughout Europe, these teams would have a broad perspective on the European market. Rather than creating the future Eurobrand strategies in the European Headquarters, Brill would assign this task to the Eurobrand Teams. By having a more diverse team, the new product development strategies would be more standardized and compliant with the entire…show more content…
Adhering to Kellogg’s just because they had already launched a dried-fruit product is not enough reason to launch. Also, Kellogg has had their product in the French market for four years and they have not introduced a new one. Cereal Partners, a joint venture with Nestle and General Mills, had also launched a freeze-dried fruit cereal in 2007 but not in the French Market. Nestle, being headquartered in the French area of Switzerland would seem to be most knowledgeable about this market, and the fact they have not entered the French market is an

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