Advantages And Disadvantages For Wheelchairs

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For wheel chair user Thermal comfort is important for wheelchairs user and for those who spend a lot of time in bed [2]. The back part is short then the front part .Zipper is also attached for opening and closing purpose [3].Rubbing fastness is important for the person that is sit on the wheel chair where the sleeves may rub on the rubber wheels of wheelchair. Wrinkled fabric is also avoided to making the garment [4]. Non-standard body dimensions For different body typed the cloths contraction is different .Different person body dimension are different, if the person not wear clothing according the body dimension they are not comfortable. Lying on the bed Optimal humidity absorption and also air circulation are also very important for the person that is lying on the bed the entire time [6].Thermal balance between the body and the environment is important.High heat production will produce sweating and wetting on the clothing and bed textiles [4].if humidity absorption is less in the garment then it gives uncomfortable to the wearer. Upper limb disability Front open shirt with simple set-in-sleeves, Raglan and Kimono sleeves and moderate neck depth and loose garments is prefer for upper limb disability and Velcro and zipper are attached…show more content…
The PAM-AID doesn’t have motorized locomotion. The front wheel orientation is controlled by the electronic system, based on the guidance information acquired by user interface. To assist on the guidance of the people who are visually disabled, equipment of this device is laser or ultrasonic sensors depending on the version of the device. Information about the environment state is provided by the walker in the form of two different types of voice messages, one according to the description of the environment and the other informing the presence of

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