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KIRLOSKAR INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED MANAGEMENT STUDIES RESEARCH REPORT ON Consumer perceptions towards “Flipkart” going into grocery market. Submitted by - Naman Srivastava (PG2015 - 30) Abstract - Purpose –The general aim of this study is to portray a complete and detailed picture of the overall purchase decision making process of consumers shopping online for groceries, including pre- and post-decisional stages. Objective – To analyze will flipkart be able to compete with the brick & Mortar stores in grocery market. To analyze the consumer perception towards buying grocery from online portals vs. brick & mortars store. Keywords- Consumer perception, online platform, grocery. Paper Type- Research paper 1. Introduction-The…show more content…
Literature review: The study presents a review about consumer’s attitude towards grocery shopping, in both offline and online retail channels. The purpose was to acquire an overview of grocery shopping online. Whether by launching online grocery service will able to compete with local competitors in India. Sherah Kurnia (2003) : According to his research paper about the acceptance of online grocery shopping the attitude of the potential consumer in terms of usefulness, continence and risk as well as the existence towards the social influence and visibility of technology influence the perception of customer towards online grocery shopping. Akansha Pahwa (2015):According to her article, in Inc42.magzine flipkart is little slow in arriving into the sector of online grocery as there are already many rivals which exits in the market. As already Ecommerce website like Paytm, ola were indulged in grocery sectors.The new players in this market are Bigbasket, PeperTap, ZopNow which uses different model and technology to mark its presence in the…show more content…
If the traveling time will be higher in comparison to delivery charges consumers will get attracted toward the online grocery which will be providing convenience and value. Hypothesis 3: Consumers perception about online grocery service visibility v/s attitude towards using grocery shopping. 3. Research Method- In order to test the above hypothesis, survey is designed which will be, conducted by the help of E-mail and personal survey. The general aim of this survey is to get the accurate and overall image of the consumer’s decisions making process for online grocery, market by flipkart. The objective is to analyze and get the view point of customer towards online shopping. 3.1- Approach- A survey is conducted on the basis of questionnaires in the form of online survey through emails and in forms of handouts. 3.2- Respondents- Those who can make online purchase, mostly women who are working class and not having time to buy grocery from brick and mortars store. 3.4- Sample size-100(No. of respondent who will be surveyed) 3.5-Sample techniques- Stratified Random Sampling on the basis of age, gender and

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