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Abstract Online shopping growth faster with the advancement of technologies. There are a lot of research that study about the factor and barrier that avoid someone to shop online. However, this study aim to explore the perception of perceived risk and experiences of online shopping among undergraduates by using a qualitative method. This study is using the theory of planned behavior, which used to measure the perception of consumer after identified the perceived risk in online shopping. Introduction Online shopping is an E-commerce business that rapidly growth in Malaysia. In fact, it has high rates of Internet usage. There are 15.3 million online shoppers and 62 percent of them use mobile devices such as laptop, Ipad, mobile phone to shop…show more content…
It was reported that Malaysia’s online shopping market size was 1.8 billion in 2013. According to Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (2014), online shopping was ranked in the 11th position as the factor of people access to the Internet. Online shopping becomes a trend in Malaysia. Based on a report, it shows that almost half of the Malaysian will shop online in a monthly basis and only 7% have never shopped online (Mahalingam, 2017). The statistics from iPay88, which is a type of online payment gateway systems shows that people are spending more in e commerce. Based on the statistics of the online transaction of iPay88, the purchase item that often made was apparel, jewelry, electronics and sports equipment (Farhan, 2017). In fact, there are few popular e-commerce website that Malaysian often visit which is Lazada, Zalora, eBay, Amazon, 11 street, Taobao, Shopee, Lelong, Groupon and Hermo. The reason that consumers love to shop online is the price advantages, broad product range, and the availability of reviews from other people. Often, Malaysian looks for the free shipping, convenience and price deals that offered by the online stores (“Malaysia-eCommerce”,…show more content…
The significant of study can be viewed from different perspectives. From the consumer perspectives, this study aim to enhance the general knowledge of online shopping and the perceived risk towards online shopping (Osman, Yin-Fah & Choo, 2010). Thus, it will identified the attitude and behavior of consumer toward the perceived risk of online shopping. Besides, it will increase the awareness of online shopper. In contrast, it might decrease the online cheating cases in our country. From the perspective of marketer, it is very important to understand the consumer’s perceived risk of online shopping so that marketer can identified the risk think about the strategies to make improvement. After the perceived risk has been identified and the proactive action has been taken, the economics of nation will be growth rapidly as online business transaction has been increased tremendously over the

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