Essay On Indian Culture

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1. Understanding culture- The “personality traits” of a) Indian culture: - Unity in Diversity People of India follow customs, traditions and speak different languages. They also differ in dress and food. In spite of so many differences; people have a feeling of oneness. They are bound by common cultural heritage and they share basic human values. - Religious India is identified as the birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism, the third and fourth largest religions. There are various temples in India which proves that Indian’s is religious. - Superstitious Indians hang lemon and chillies at the door to keep all misfortunes away. There are many such superstitions Indians believe in. - Conservative India still considers homosexuality to be 'unnatural’ and many other topics are still a taboo. -…show more content…
• You must never refill your own glass. • The most important person sits in the middle followed by the next most important person. The least important person sits at the end of the table. • You must pick up your bowl and not bend over the table to eat as its considered bad manners. Dining and business etiquette in Uzbekistan- • Once you arrive for dinner remove your shoes and leave them at the door, then greet everyone with a handshake (women cannot shake hands with men). • Pork is not eaten and it must be kept in mind while ordering food • The head of the family himself seats guests round the table, and the most honoured guests are seated away from the entrance. • Women, men and children sit on separate tables while dining. b) What are the most popular leisure activities in each country (three scenarios) that you can enjoy together with your business partners?  India- • A game of cricket as it is widely played in India even though the national sport of India is hockey. The business partners can bond over a game of cricket. There are various other sports also played in
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