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Literature review Social Commerce Social Commerce is new wave of internet marketing. There are several definitions of social commerce, Kim and park (2003) defined it as a subset of e-commerce, that the consumers are able to generate content, share information, opinions, experiences, stories, habits to optimize their buying decisions and from whom to acquire to goods and services, where and when (Jascanu, Jascuna, & Nicolau,2007). IBM define Social Commerce (cited in Dennison 2009) as "a marriage between retailers products and interaction of shoppers with content". Liang and Turban (2011) referred social commerce to applying e-commerce via social media platforms, Many authors defined and studied social commerce concept from different…show more content…
The first component "People" is built from Social Commerce Acceptance, Attitudes, Motivational factors, roles play by consumers and Community Ties. The Second component "Technology" includes Platforms and tools, Features to enhance shopping experience, Product visualizations and interaction, websites basic features. The Third component "Business Strategies" contain Web 2.0 and marketing strategies, Social commerce new trends, Alternative revenue models, and Group and Collective Buying Strategies. The Fourth Component "Information" includes User Generated Content (UGC) and Membership information. Each component is considered as research interests for researchers, for instance; Curty and Zhang (2011) studied the technology perspective and how it does impact the Social Commerce aspect, they found that E-commerce functions are essential for social commerce and Trust is a mechanism that consumers put upright for any social content to follow it, like it, share it, review it and recommend it. Marketers are looking for social commerce as a promise phenomenon that it is expected to achieve US$30 Billion revenue in 2015 (Statista,…show more content…
Business tries to capitalize on them to communicate with customers and to track the interaction of customers with each other. Nick Hajli (2012) has researched on social commerce deeply and proposed an adoption model called it "Social Commerce Adoption model" which he tackles the recommendations and referrals, rating and reviews, Forums and Communities grouped as "Social Commerce Constructs" and how it does affect Trust and Intention to buy. Social Network Sites (SNS) enables the customers to post and comment their opinions and feels readily without any barrier and grade that products purchased online (Chou, 2013). The Impact of customers review and rating has a sword impact on business strategy, Forman (2008) concluded that the information in the online reviews are integrated with increase online product sales, however, negative reviews harm the online product sales more than positive ones (Basuroy,

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