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Care of the Older Person Project 1 Active Living for the Older Person Introduction The Aim of this project is to investigate life after retirement for the older person. I will discuss the role of the carer /organisation in promoting positive attitudes to ageing and retirement. I will also cover ethnic and cultural influences in relation to retirement. Finally I will discuss health promotion and therapeutic interventions for the enhancement of retirement. I will use the internet, class notes and my own life experiences for this project. The role of the carer/organisations in promoting positive attitudes to ageing and retirement Most people have to retire at the age of 65. For some, this is a time of great anticipation, however,…show more content…
There are natural ageing processes that occur in each stage, but if you go through each one of them successfully, you should come out relatively unscathed. One of the main areas that is important for a retiring person in conjunction with good physical heath, is good mental health. They need to have a positive attitude towards healthy ageing. It is important to join attractive and inclusive led organisations which support members to realise their full potential. Empower retirees to be active and healthy members of society. Alternative therapies/activities such as yoga, massage, art classes, card games and swimming are also known to improve wellbeing. Men Sheds are a relatively new idea, which seem to be growing in popularity. They give the opportunity for men to meet and talk and perhaps do little bit of handy work or gardening. Once you leave work, you might also lose a lot of your friends (work colleagues) and you might also find that there could be a lack of money. This is a huge social factor and by joining new groups these issues can diminish. Social exclusion in older people can lead to depression and mental health deterioration. ARI promotes social networking combined with a range of mental and physical activities as a mechanism to improve the quality of life older people, especially those living alone (Active Retirement Ireland. On

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