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Melamine Tableware and Its Impacts on Human Health Abstract Melamine and other compounds of its kind have been known for several years for toxic and harmful effects. It is certainly true that the degree of effect is proportional to the level of exposure but both humans and animals have suffered because of these compounds. Melamine tableware, including plates, bowls and cups etc., are used in daily life due to their durability and ease of use, especially in case of children. However, a recent epidemic of melamine poisoning in China brought up the issue of melamine toxicity due to tainted milk powder formula and it became clear that food contact materials having melamine are not as safe as they were once thought of. The migration rate of melamine into food from tableware depends upon the temperature and acidity of the food. Another, important factor that determines the rate of migration of melamine into food is the quality of the melamine ware. Nonetheless, it has been proved that excessive level of melamine in food can cause certain health problems, the most prominent being its effects on kidney. The potential of nephrotoxicity of melamine has been tested in studies on animals and the results showed that it is linked with stone formation, cancer and…show more content…
Those with levels of 3.11ng/ml had the risk increase 3.01 fold and those with levels of 3.12ng/ml had the risk increase 7.64 fold. The risk of calcium urolithiasis within the general population was averaged out to be 50% if melamine was found in urine. Additionally, using mass spectrometry it was found that melamine is present in the stone of nine of the patients who had a considerable amount of melamine in their urine. What can be deduced from this is that even a low dose of melamine exposure was a cause of calcium urolithiasis in the adults of

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