Stress Buster Case Study

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Stress Buster 1) Need addressed: Mental stress is something everyone. Clinical studies have shown stress to have tangible deleterious effects on the body, including increased risks of heart failure. In developing countries, it is an evil even more difficult for the person to describe. Stress occurs mainly due to emotional reasons or fear. Visiting one’s doctor frequently is as annoying as it is costly. Medication for relieving stress, though available in the market, are neither advisable for frequent use because of their negative side effects nor easily affordable to fulfill frequent needs. Also, they have side effects and some have risks of addiction. A novel alternative solution to this problem is as entertaining as it is effective. MUSIC! It is a time tested gift for relieving stress, and can be heavily personalized by the user. Studies have shown that music is very effective in controlling a person’s mood. Thus the main purpose of the Stress Buster is to detect the level of tension in the user and make the person feel relaxed by playing appropriate music. Relieving…show more content…
For BVP an infrared light transmitter and receiver will be present in the band which measures the amount of blood pressure by measuring the amount of infrared rays received by the receiver after being reflected by the blood flowing through veins. For GSR, moisture sensors will be used in the band to detect amount of sweat developed in the skin and temperature sensors for measuring the body temperature. Bluetooth connectivity can be used for wireless headset. To update the predefined expert track list, new tracks can be downloaded by the user online on philips’ website where new tracks for this purpose shall be uploaded. The person can upload his own tracks in the device for secondary uses like music player. Being a healthcare product the expected returns are

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