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Should tattoos and piercings be allowed? No, tattoos and piercings shouldn’t be allowed, because I believe they are linked to suicides, affects your career, and can mess up your body when you become older. Tattoos and piercings may be pretty and cool for teens, but can also have many affects to having them, as you read my essay you will find out about why I don’t think tattoos and piercings should be allowed. Some people get tattoos of gang signs and many other bad things that can lead not only you, but also your family in danger. Most of these gangs are known as ‘‘crips and bloods’’. Also by dealing with gangs, drug dealers, and maybe even people from other races, heritages, and countries may take it wrong. Piercings may not be so bad, but if you are a guy and have your tongue or nose pierced could sometimes get you hurt by making other guys feel bad about…show more content…
Employers worry that having an tattoo or piercing doing work and a customer sees it could tarnish their company name. A tattoo and piercing can send employees and managers bad things about you just by your appearance. They can lead you to having jobs at McDonalds, Burger King, and maybe Walmart, which means you’re not leading into the right career path getting by with a tattoo and piercing doing a job interview may be a bad thing, because if you are caught the manager may have you remove it or you may even get fired, so during interviews you should make sure you have it covered. Tattoos and piercings may be cool and nice looking during your younger days, but when you get old tattoos start to wrinkle, fade, and get destroyed. Becoming an old person your body starts to change, piercings can make you look very crazy if you are a old person walking around with tattoos and piercings all on your face and body, being a old person changes many things, so before you think about getting them you should think of the effects of

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