How Did Jackie Robinson Change

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Jackie Robinson was an important part of baseball for that time and moving foward. Jackie Robinson broke the racial barrier in baseball without people liking it. Jackie Robinson changed the game of baseball by his race, baseball talent, and attitiude. °''the opposing team released a black cat in a sexual taunt. in baltimore, race riots were expected but never materialized. A man behind robinsons wife called him a n*gger son of a b*tch". (linge pg 52) ''they were removed from the flight to fit a white couple. they gave up on the airlines and decided to catch a bus to daytona. it was a 16 hour ride'' (linge pg 50) Where ever he went he faced major insults. (Rubinstein) ''They called him watermelon eater, chicken thief, crap shooter,…show more content…
He played his first few games in upper Manhatan. when they went to Philly, people expected alot of insults. (Rubinstein) After Robinson crossed the pate his teamates forgot about the racial barrier and congratulated him. (linge pg 51) The negros proved themselves to be able to stay up in the majors. Really the majors only wanted stars and not old people. (Rogosin) Jackie lived a great baseball carrer helping the team to many pennants and championships. ("Jackie Robinson Biography") He had a carrer to remember and won many awards. (Rubinstein) Jackies playing led him to being the first African American in the hall of fame and led to the Dogders and the MLB retiring his number. ("Jackie Robinson Biography.") °Before playing baseball, he got arrested for protesting his seat on the bus. (Rubinstein) The Dodgers coach wanted an African American and if he did he wad to be a good all around athlete and had to face abuse. He thought the person that best met that criteria was Jackie Robinson. (Rogosin) He was brave enough to join the league and good enough to make an impact. ("Jackie Robinson Biography") Jackie was on the verg of sinning and had to promise not to respond to taunts.
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