Individualised Patient Centered Approach

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The purpose of this essay is to highlight and discuss the importance of using an individualised person centred approach when caring for the older adult. The opening section of this essay will discuss the definition and understanding of the older person or elderly. The second section will explain the meaning and application of individualised patient centred care. The third section will outline the importance of the application of individualised patient centred care when interacting with the older adult. The subsequent section will discuss a biographical approach as an effective method of individualized patient-centred care with the older person. In most developed world countries, the older person or the elderly can be considered anyone above…show more content…
(3) An Individualised person centred care approach involves taking into account the client’s individuality and allowing that individuality to determine interpersonal approaches and health-illness management actions (Cox and Roughmann (1984)). (4) In essence, to deliver care which is centred on a specific individual the following must be recognised as pivotal elements; knowledge of that individual, their relationships with those around them, maintaining their autonomy, trust, and respect. In order to deliver person-centred care, practitioners must acquire knowledge about the person which allows them to “provide care and services that are compatible with the individual’s values and which are, as such, highly valued” (Ford & McCormack, 2000, p.42).…show more content…
A biographical approach enables practitioners to gain a better understanding of the older person by providing knowledge which may directly influence decisions made about appropriate care. (7) This style of approach provides older people with opportunities to talk about their life experiences. Johnson, 1976, notes that by exploring older people’s past and present lives with them, potentially provides greater insights into their needs and aspirations. (7) In a study conducted by Nolan et al. (2001), it was indicated that a biographical approach is valued by older people themselves, and that they wanted to have their personal biographies recognized and valued as a basis for individualized care. (7) McKee et al. (2002, p.13) concluded that most older people in long-term care enjoyed talking about their lives and that being listened to accorded ‘personhood, identity and significance’ to the older person. (7) This sense of ‘personhood, identity and significance’ are referred to in many definitions as they contribute greatly to the delivery of person-centred care. Acknowledging and valuing each patient’s biography and their individual perception and experience of their health care experience is fundamental to this approach to older person person-centred care.

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