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A STUDY ON THE SOCIO –ECONOMIC CONDITION OF INDUSTRIAL WORKERS IN THUVAKUDI, TIRUCHIRAPPALLI DISTRICT INTRODUTION: Indian industries are the major aspects for the rapid growth in modern India. Industries play a vital role in shaping the economy of a society. Though India is basically an agrarian nation. Yet Indian industries provide a financial support to the country. Industries are the major aspects for the rapid growth in modern India. Industries play a vital role in shaping the economy of a society. India is counted among the most important emerging economies of the world but employment conditions in the country still remain poor. Overall, labour-force to population ratio in the age group 15 years and above at 56 per cent is low…show more content…
The area is vast, there are many be the possibility of excluding some other major industries. Most of the workers are reluctant to provide original data pertaining to their expenditure pattern .The management attitude of the workers have not provided in formation like persuasion offered by the management. The study is restricted to 50 workers ,the finding of which cannot he generalized. Socio –economic condition of industrial workers: In any study to understand the findings on various characteristics in the props background , it is essential to have the demographic and socio-economic profile of population on which the study is being carried out . Hence it has been attempted to collective various demographic particulars such as religion , caste , family back ground , and the economic study of the families of the students and analysis the same . The result of the analysis is given in the following…show more content…
Employers employee relationship is a like “marriage ” and the success of any marriage depends essentially on the co-operative , contributory , and complimentary efforts on the part of both the partners . Job satisfaction is of grater importance for the individuals , the organization which employ them and the society as a whole . Job satisfaction No.of respondents Percentage 1 Yes 24 52 2 No 26 48 Total 50 100 Sources : primary data Table no 4.11 explains that an absolute majority of 52 percentage respondents have expressed their opinion that they are satisfied towards the work which they carrying out this is a clear indication that the industrial relation is well maintained in the industries where the repentance 48 percentagerespondents dis satisfied chosen for study are worki Table no 4.12: Satisfaction of the respondents towards payment of wage : Wage are the reward paid to the workers .wages will definitely have a profound influence on the job satisfaction of the workers their level of the efficiency and

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