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Langston Hughes's stories deal of conditions befalling African Americans promoting the in the Harlem Renaissance philosophy during one of our history’s dissimilar culture difference between race relations that was overcome with the civil right moment. Hughes's stories speak of the African-Americans as being overlooked by a biased society. Hughes's poetry attempts to draw attention to the tragic history both in Africa and the United States seeing both viewpoints because of his family’s diversity for example, his white grandfather had staunchly insisted on marrying the black woman he loved, yet, Hughes self-confident writing for equal rights for Black Americans. The theme of inability to stand up against evil acts that is shown in Hughes work like in “I, Too”, “Theme for English B” and “Dream Deferred”, the reason to challenge racism. With A diverse African American heritage, Hughes is challenging racism and oppression by bringing attention to the foreground narratives of humiliation and violence of Civil Rights Movement motivating change against racism at its core through his writing. 1) In the “I Too” poem it’s very heartfelt because Hughes is speaking from the soul around racism. However, his writing…show more content…
Clearly, the effect of certain actions shows how Hughes speaks from the heart when it comes to the horrors of segregation. Nancy Tolson states in “The Collected Works of Langston Hughes” that it “was Hughes's way of making America feel ashamed of how the American Negro had been treated”. He described “how they sat in their own kitchen when company came, but it will be their faithful tomorrow that brought them to the table to display their beauty to the world” (Tolson). However, the reader still knows exactly why he was sent to the kitchen without stating the facts on the analysis of the action and underlining meaning as if he was less of a

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