Observation Of A Child Observation

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An observation was conducted with Mr. Gallardo and Gabriella, in the evaluator’s office. The child appeared comfortable and relaxed with her father. However, during the observation, the child began shaking each of her legs. This continued intermittently during the observation. The father begins the discussion by asking about Gabriella about going to the museum with Justine and dad’s girlfriend. The father asked about going to a singing class with Justine. He reported that he was going to sign her up for the class. The classes are held on Fridays, he stated that he was going to ask her mother to take her. Gabriella reported that Jeannette had mentioned the class to her and she had spoken to her about it. The dad reports he is signing the child up for singing class. He reported he did this last year and there were some issues. He then says he signed her up without telling the mother, and the child did go last year. This year he is signing her up and has not told the mom yet. He then asked the child if she told her mother and the child reported she did not. The father then said he would send the mom an email about it. The father reports her sister Emily is here from graduate school.…show more content…
The father and daughter discusses diving in the pool. The father also asks about swimming with her mother. The child reports she swam in the pool. The father asks about swimming in the deep end. The child says her mother doesn’t want her to, because her mom thinks she is a weak swimmer. The dad says he thinks she is a good

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