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My observation took place in a charter school located in Harlem, Manhattan. I have been placed to work with second graders. The class is made up of twelve boys and nine girls. It has a mix of seven and eight years old students. The teacher work with each of his student by individualized instruction that is aligned to the Common Core standards. The child I chose for my observation is the boy aged seven years old. His name is Ismail. His family is form Yemen and they moved to United States when Ismail turned four years old. The reason why I chose this child for observation, because he is very communicative and amiable. Ismail does not feel uncomfortable to start conversation with the person he sees the first time. The first day in class he was…show more content…
This is a charter school in Manhattan that serves about four hundred students in grades KG-8. Majority of student who enrolled in FLI are black. This is what FLI says on its official website: “the goal of FLI provide an exemplary education and learning environment for students. The culture of FLI supplements this through strategies for positive reinforcement and recognition. The core values of FLI are: Compassion, Leadership, Truth, Effort, Responsibility and Respect. Workshops, conversations, trainings, meetings and mentoring occur throughout the year to meet these goals. Every member of the staff plays a crucial role in reinforcing our positive, strong, engaging and exciting school culture.” Based on my own observation I can state with certainty that the staff at school is very professional, well organized and truly care about the well-being of all students. Every teacher is working hard on making improvements to the class and learning materials to keep the students engaged at all the time. FLI partnership with students’ families and trying to get each parent involve into child’s learning process. There is program called “Parent Involvement Committee” (PIC) that makes parental engagement in supporting the education and the development of their children. Parents share their ideas, offer input and enjoy informative presentations on a number of education related topics throughout the school year. FLI has “Bi-Weekly Report” system, which provides descriptive information about students’ academic

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