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In implementing best practices for my goals with Twister Phonics Letters, I will explain and share some simple ways to teach the alphabets to children. The Twister Phonics Letters program will help children developed knowledge with learning and remembering the letters in their names and other alphabets. Before I begin this approach of teaching the letters of the alphabets, they will learn the letters in their names first. Names cards will be place on a strip card so they can see the letters. This will begin the procedure of alphabet learning by helping children learn the letters in their names. The activities I have chosen will help children identify and learn letter recognition. The “Twister Phonics Letters board game”, shaving cream…show more content…
Children will be able to spin the wheel and say either the letters or the pictures. If child does not the letters he can identify the pictures if they choice. Second, activity is shaving cream. The shaving cream activity will place on table where children can form letters with their hands if desired. This activity will increase children fine motor skills and give them the ability to form letters. Third, activity will be letter of the week. Letter of the week will help children remember the letter and objects that are associated with letter. Along with letter of the week, children will have drawing of pictures in which the letter represent. Fourth, activity is children name cards. These name cards will have each child’s name written on the cards. Name cards will help children identity their first and last names. Finally, children will be able to listen on the computer and CD the sounds of each alphabet letter. Of course, each activity will be adjusted according to the child’s…show more content…
Students will sit in a circle formation where everyone was facing each other. Children in classroom one had problems mixing letters with numbers. This is a common problem among Head Start and Preschool children. Children in classroom two knew one or two letters in their names, but not all letters. However, this is also common with small children. All of these children are four years of age. While interacting with the children, I will discuss certain games which will conducted with them. The games that are have chosen is “Twister Phonic Letter”, shaving cream, name cards and some computer games. These games will enhance the children ability to identify letters of the alphabets. My plan of work begin September 30, 2015 and will continue until February 2016. The time period was chosen because of my work schedule. Children will get a chance to the some understand of what my project stands for. I believe my children will benefit the ability and gain knowledge from working on the Twister Phonic Letter game. This game is made up of all twenty six letters in a circle with picture underneath each letter. Children were able to take turns and spin the wheel. Another way the game was introduce was by the children only pointing letters which their name began with. Assessment will begin with reviewing their names on name

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