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Violence in the Family Family is an institution protected by the government because the State recognizes its vital role in the society. The husband and the wife share the same solemn responsibility in making their house a home. They are expected to love each other and together as one, raise their children because the latter are considered to be gifts from up above. Hence, the family is primarily designed to have members who will give each other the love, care, and support they need. Home should be a source of refuge most especially during the trying times. However, when there is violence in the family, its very design is stained. Instead of loving each other, their relationship is destroyed. Instead of supporting one another, they suffer from violence. Worse, a plethora of studies prove that children are also exposed to violence in their homes (Maikovich, Jaffee, Odgers, & Gallop, 2008). When a member of a family is exposed to violence, it can affect his behavior and change his life forever. The effects may not be immediate but definitely, the distorted balance of emotions will show up sooner or later. Family members who are victims of abuses have the tendency of repeating the abuse by abusing their own children. Hence, it affects the community as a whole. For the purposes of this paper, violence in the family will be…show more content…
When a family is neglected, he questions his existence. He could not see the sense of life because he is deprived of love, care and support which he needs in order to survive. Neglect usually happens when a member of the family is not provided with physical, developmental, mental and emotional needs. For example, a family member feels neglected when he is not provided with sufficient amount of food, clothing, medical care and supervision. Also, he feels worthless when other members of the family are not able to provide him emotional support, love and

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