Aimol Festival

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compartments is either 3 or 5 in number. The house is basically made of wood, bamboo and mud and the roofing material used is thatch. Around the dwelling place, one will notice satellite sheds generally used as granary storehouse, cattle shed and pig stall. The direction of houses is always towards the east, facing the rising sun. Nowadays, bricks and other different types of sophisticated materials are used for constructions. 4. Birth When a new baby is born, all the women of the village would go and greet the newly born baby. They would drink nainei ju (child-birth wine). Male members of child born family also join in the drinking. The newly born baby would be in the mother's arm for five days in case of a boy and three in case of a girl. The thempu (local physician) pour out a…show more content…
Festivals There are two types of festival performed by Aimol i.e. festival before Christianity and festival after Christianity. Some of the important festivals which are performed before Christianity are; (1) lungkam ut (2) Khuong-tan (3) Lam-jir and (4) Tolai-tan. (1) lungkam ut (stone-erection festival) This is a big festival which is performed by a rich man who wanted to make them popular and famous. Many groups of people collected stones and the biggest and the broadest stone is selected and is erected. Therefore this festival is known as stone-erection festival. It is celebrated for two to three days. All the famous people are invited and a big grand feast is arranged. Animal like setak (gayal) are killed in the festival. Dances and joy accompanied the festival. (2) Khuong-tan (beating-drum festival) Like stone-erection festival this festival is also performed for three to four days. Only the rich man can celebrate this festival. People beat the drum in the name of rich man and offer the sound of drum to the people. Dances and joys are also performed. A grand feast consisting of local wine and rice is arranged at the end of the festival. (3) Lam-jir (road-construction

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