Objectives And Importance Of Mathematics In Mathematics And Mathematics Education

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I. Background Mathematics has already existed since the ancient times. It is a science that has been widely applied in daily life. In these days, math has become a subject so vital that the government sets it as one of the determining factors of school graduation for primary, junior high, and high school. The study of mathematics can satisfy a wide range of interests and abilities. It develops imaginations. It improves clear and logical thought. It is a challenge, with varieties of difficult ideas and unsolved problems, because it deals with the questions arising from complicated structures. Yet it also has a continuing drive to simplification, to finding the right concepts and methods to make difficult things easy, to explaining why a situation must be as it is. In so doing, it develops a range of language and insights, which may then be applied…show more content…
Objectives and Benefits The objectives from organizing the Airlangga Mathematics Competition are: 1. Identify and reward excellence in mathematics. 2. Draw community attention to this excellence. 3. Draw community attention to the importance of mathematics. 4. Improve the quality of mathematics education in a comprehensive manner through the development of creativity, motivation, and a learning culture to achieve the best performance with healthy competition while also upholding the values of sportsmanship. 5. Improve intellectual and emotional abilities, as well as spiritual-based norms, so that they can stimulate reasoning skills. 6. Develop the students’ talents and interests in mathematics so that they can create and innovate according to their abilities. Based on the objectives, benefits from joining the Airlangga Mathematics Competition are: 1. Provides challenges to teachers and students. 2. Stimulates students’ curiosities. 3. Provides opportunities to recognize problem solvers. 4. Encourages students to explore alternative solutions to problems. 5. Strengthens the education of gifted

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