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1.Background to Stage 2 I mostly teach Cambridge exam courses at high schools in Rome. My two week Orientation Course was at the British Council in Valencia where we had an A2 level class of professional adults. The aim of my lesson was to use reported speech for message giving and complaining. 2. Reflect and comment on your beliefs as a teacher • I believe language acquisition occurs best when the context is of interest to the student .Take a group of teenagers using should to give advice on fashion or boyfriend problems ,they will engage in the activity because the subject is relevant to them, whereas if the context was investing in the stock exchange, participation would be minimal, with little use of the target language. • I like…show more content…
By doing this I will not lose the overall cohesion of the lesson and prevent going off on a tangent whilst responding to any student questions or need for clarification that may arise. I am going to have a section of the board for any new vocabulary, this will remain for the lesson. I will ask a colleague to look at my use of the board during my next…show more content…
In my F.C.E. exam class’s next lesson I plan to use a recording of native speakers completing the speaking tasks ,I will also record the students doing the same task, students will compare the two versions. I will also tape my next lesson to establish how much teacher talking, as opposed to student talking, there is. For the same class in the following lesson I intend to have the students collaborate to write a transactional letter to their school asking for information on the courses offered. In order to increase my knowledge of the subject matter I have started the Delta course. Having finished my EP on TBL has already resulted in an increased awareness of how important learner centered activities are to stimulating interest. I intend to systematically read widely, starting with the subject of phonology and have ordered Roach. P., English Phonetics. I then plan to use my knowledge to incorporate the use of phonetics in my lesson plan. 5.Data Collection

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