Dress Blues Uniform Essay

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When I began to think about how to describe my object, I was afraid I had bitten off more than I could chew. Compared to many of my classmates who chose smaller objects that can be described in less words, I chose the Dress Blues Uniform. There are a lot of elements to this uniform. It was because of this that I decided to focus on the coat and the adornments on it rather than the entire uniform. In the final paper I can dive into more research about the entire uniform, as there is a neat history in the dress pants alone. Upon touching the object, it is a relatively soft and sturdy, and the interior is lined with an even softer material. It is a dark navy blue with sparse gold trim. Adorning it there are many patches, ribbons, metallic bits, and even a plate. There are fourteen patches and twenty-one ribbons; some of these ribbons have smaller pieces of metal in the center. There are different types of metallic bits, including ten buttons and seven other kind of metallic badges. There is also a thick cord that drapes down the front of the object, from the top left side to about a third of the way down. There is a clear front and back with the object. The back is plain with nothing on it and the front has an opening and is decorated. On the back there is a seam that runs the entire length of the object, and a split at the bottom that is exactly…show more content…
Bremen, Georgia USA.” Because of this I believe it was made in Georgia, USA. The tag does not say the price to make the object, but by quickly researching the price online, I was able to find the main distributor for my object and the price listed. The object alone is sold for $198 before tax. As for an emotional response, when looking at my object I personally feel a sense of pride and

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