Pride And Prejudice Literary Analysis

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Generally, I have noticed that most of the books revolved around characters’ discovery of themselves and their identity. For examples, books like “Lord of the Faces”, “The Truman Show”, “When Breathe Becomes Air”, “A Wrinkle in Time” and “Room” to illustrate a few. Next, some of the books’ central messages are contained in the lessons of life, imparting positive messages such as no isolation, being inclusive, and love, mainly, the “feel-good” novels. Another point to a protagonist who is outside of the society he/she lives in and struggled to conform to what is expected of them, be rebels or trying to fit in, in the face of massive societal opposition. In detail, “Pride and Prejudice” best illustrate the main characters struggling to progress…show more content…
I love how this simple principle of dreaming and working your way to achieving your dreams. I resonate with this short story as conveyed because having dreams seemed simple yet seemingly impossible to realize it because we lose our spirit as we grow older. It reminded me of the innocent inspiration (how much we want it) and the permission to dream is huge when we were younger. It has shifted from encouragement to belittling. I have always wanted to be a gynecologist but was told to give that idea up because I was not intelligent enough and that people thought this aspiration is a fleeting one and I would forget about it when I grow older. Having a childhood dream keep us ingrained with what we want to achieve in life and ask ourselves if what we are doing is an influence of society or does it stem from our hearts. Thus, when everything is moving rapidly and we are wedged in the rat race and in our daily tasks, it helps when we have our childhood dreams to remind us of our role in life and as a guide to support us in finding the jobs we

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