Destiney: A Short Story

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“BAM!” The emergency room door burst open and in ran a middle aged woman, probably around the age of thirty-eight. She had her hand on her head and her eyes started twitching, back and forth, up and down. She tried to speak but, all that came out was garbled sounds. Madeline started to run over to the lady to help but before she got there, the woman fell to the ground and he body started jerking rapidly. Madeline quickly turned the lady to her side and called a Code Blue to the emergency room on the first floor. In a matter of seconds Madeline could feel the woman’s muscles relax and the jerking stopped. By that time a gurney was wheeled over to the patient and the doctors helped carefully pick up the woman and place her onto the wheeled…show more content…
Before beginning the surgery, Madeline shaved Destiney’s head. Next, she sanitized the area to prevent infection. Then, she began the surgery by using a skull chisel to cut the skull open and expose the brain. She very carefully maneuvered around the obstacles and removed the tumor piece by piece, praying that she didn’t rupture it. Hours and hours past. Time went by like a cheetah racing after its prey. Finally, fourteen hours, twenty-one minutes and fifty-six seconds later, the tumor was out of Destiney’s brain and she was tumor free. Now for the hardest part of this surgery… Madeline had to piece back together the Parietal Lobe of the brain. If Madeline was unsuccessful with this than the whole surgery would have been for nothing because Destiney wouldn’t be able to taste anything or feel sensations for the rest of her life. She very carefully, piece by piece, placed the brain back together. Madeline was confident in herself now. She was almost done with the surgery when… “Beep, Beep,Beep” the monitor showed that Destiny’s blood pressure had almost bottomed out. It dropped to nearly 25/15mm Hg. Her heart rate dropped to almost 10 beats a minute. Madeline had to think fast. She immediately searched for the source of the problem. She soon noticed a brain bleed in Destiny's brain. Madeline used a clamp to clip the aneurysm and stop the bleeding but not before Destiney flat lined. Her heart had stopped beating and all that could be heard throughout the Operating Room was horrifying screams of the monitors. Then silence, nothing but silence. Madeline was devastated but, she wasn't going to give up this easily. “Start Compressions!” The desperate sound of Madeline's terrified voice broke the silence. This was a fight that Madeline was not willing to lose. She wanted Destiny to be able to dance with her husband once again, rather than dancing with

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