OSHA In The Workplace

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OSHA is an organization issued by the government to help the working conditions and help the workers of Americans by enforcing standards and giving the workers safety training. It was created because of the Occupational Safety and Health act in 1970. Its main goal is to protect the rights and safety of workers and to prevent workplace injuries and to help the working conditions. All businesses must follow the standards that OSHA has. The workers must be safe or else OSHA will find out. OSHA follows these regulations strictly and does not give in at any moment. OSHA’s main goal is to prevent the injuries and death in the workplace. People cannot be killed or be in danger of getting killed if they just walk into work. OSHA protects these people’s rights and helps them to fight against the business if any of their rights are broken. But, OSHA does provide training for the employees who are working in the field so that they know what they are challenged with. If any of OSHA’s regulations are broken, violations will be given out and if continued, the company could be shut down OSHA focuses on 3 major strategies. The first is strong, fair and effective enforcement. The second is outreach and education assistance. And the third is, partnership and…show more content…
It gives your remote control the ability to change the channel, yes that is it, its batteries. Batteries are very harmful. Some people might be educated about the hazards in batteries but some people aren’t. In batteries there is something called lead. This toxic metal could cause memory loss and the ability to focus. This affects your brain. The most harmful acid in batteries is sulfuric acid. The sulfuric acid is corrosive and could lead to death if ingested. Some tips on avoid these toxic chemicals and metals are to keep the batteries out of reach of children and keep the battery out of your mouth. Even if you don’t swallow it, it could still do

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