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Christopher Terrano Bio F Ms. Pitch ` 9/30/15 Saftey Lab Not many people know what OSHA is when they first hear aboutr it. OSHA was created because of the Health and Occupation Saftey act in 1970. OSHA’s main concern was to protect the safety and rights of workers. OSHA tries to prevent injuries wjhile working and make sure that the working conditions are fine. OSHA follows rules to ensure saftey. Some examples of these rules are disposal of hazardous materials, personal safety, noise levels, and fall protection (Search Compliance, N.D.) OSHA really looks out for the workers safety and well being. The job of OSHA is to make sure that everyone working is safe and that no one gets hurt during worktime. Many household…show more content…
Bleach is an extremely common household chemical and is in nearly everyones’s home. Bleach is so effective for sanitizing and stain removal but before you start to use it you should follow certain safety procedures. DO NOT mix with ammonia or acids (poisonous gas.) Bleach can give off toxic chlorine gas fumes which can be deadly. Some people will not even use bleach in a toilet in case there urine left: in that case, opt to use ammonia instead. Use bleach in well ventilated rooms at all times. When handling bleach you should always where gloves to protect your hands. You should mix bleach in not very large quantities. You should always rinse everything well and air dry of possible when using bleach.The two main types of bleach are: chlorine bleach and oxygen bleach. Chlorine bleach is what you would normally would buy at a grocery store in a 5 or 6 % solution. Oxygen bleach is what you would normally find in a powdered form; it may be labeled as an "all-fabric bleach”. It often has additives included. Oxygen bleaches are supposed to be safe for all fabrics. Always reach all labels though (best-pennywise, N.D.) Mouse and rat poison can be something curious for children…show more content…
You must consult with affected workers when developing procedures for resolving work health and safety

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