Workplace Safety Case Study

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Who is responsible for the prevention of accidents in the workplace, the employee or employer? If or when accidents occur, how do we determine who is to be held responsible or if anyone at all? In this paper, I will attempt to critically analyze responsibilities for accident prevention and safety in the work place. This case study presented the issue of who should be held responsible when workplace accidents occur. The case provided information of a serious inquiry sustained by an employee while operating machinery on the job. Details further indicated concerns for prevention of the accident was neglected by supervisors. Supervisors assert the failure of employees to strictly follow safety guidelines. Meanwhile, a safety report determined the poor design of safety equipment failed to adequately protect machine operators. Based on information provided, there seems to be three different views on the question of who is responsible for the accident and accident prevention. First, the employee’s contention rests in the claim of him following all company’s safety procedures and the company’s failure to guarantee the machine safe to operate. Secondly, supervisors are of the assumption the machine was maintained properly and employees didn’t seriously adhere to safety standards when operations machine. And thirdly,…show more content…
While it does not place responsibility on any one person, it determined the poor design of machine failed to protect operations in quite a few circumstances. The report essentially throws the responsibility way back to the manufacture of the machine by indication the machine’s fault as part of what caused the accident. If this is the case then neither the employee nor the supervisor are responsible for accident. However, who accepts and inspects a new piece of equipment prior to employees using them? Who operates a new piece of equipment without checking for flaws and
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