OSHA Compliance Report

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The first time I heard about OSHA, it was summer after my freshman year. My shop teacher, Mr. Roopnarine, mailed the whole class about it. In the letter, it was stated that we are mandated to take the 10 hours training online. At first, I didn't completely understand why I had to take the training online since I didn't even know my shop teacher at that time and I never took his class. However, since it was mandated for us to do it, I did the 10 hours training during the summer of 2013. From what I learned from taking the training online, OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It was enacted by the Congress in 1970 to protect the workers from any hazards in the workplace. OSHA helps workers to have a better…show more content…
From what I remember from the training, OSHA had a lot of modules about identifying different hazards such as chemicals. According to OSHA, they are different type of hazards which are safety hazards and health hazards. Safety hazards are hazards that can cause physical harm on the workers such as injuries, while health hazards are hazards that can cause workers to have an occupational illness. In the workplace, there a lot of chemicals that have carcinogens which means those chemicals have a cancer causing substance in them. Paints are also hazardous to painters since paints have substances that can cause lung cancer. These are some examples OSHA has taught me about identifying hazardous chemicals in the workplace which in my case my school’s paint-booth and shop room. In addition to this, not only did my OSHA 10-Hour wallet card help me recognize these hazards but it also helped me avoid any of these hazards affect me negatively. According to OSHA, every workplace should have an MSDS or also known as Material Safety Data Sheet. An MSDS is a safety document which has information about

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