Nutmeg Case Study

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Nutmeg (Myristica Fragrans) “ZATI” GOOD FOR THE HEART, AND GOOD FOR THE WIND IN THE BODY. TAKING 1/4 TO 1 TEASPOON IN WARM WATER RIGHT BEFORE SLEEP. THIS WILL REDUCE WIND, BENEFITTING SLEEP PROBLEMS AND EMOTIONAL DISTURBANCES. DO NOT USE MORE THAN 2 teaspoon. Heating Treats mental imbalance and is good for balancing wind. Mostly used for wind disorders. Use powder. Take with soup, tea with food or use oil externally. Tonic for heart, empowering the inner organs. Unblock Wind energy, and helps sleep, clears mind Mental disorder such as depression and panic attack. Anti stress, helps concentration Prevents Cardiovascular disorders Use 21 to 30 days, 1g per day in the evening. Caution: Can be toxic in high doses, hallucinogenic, and harmful to kidneys in overdose.…show more content…
Chronic Inflammations Fever, neuralgia, nervousness. Flu, influenza. Hysteria. Toxins and poisons Take powder (2g per day) for 7 to 60 days, or use external oil. With boiled water as tea, rice or other food.. FIVE GOOD SUBSTANCES EPHEDRA, JUNIPER, RHODODENRON, TAMARISK, CALCITE 1 or 2 cups of total dry herb(equal parts) boiled together, loose or in a large tea bag with two handfuls of barley. Strain into Bath tub, and immerse so that the surface of the water does not go over the heart area. Stay for 12 to 14 minutes, then repeat for 4 more days, increasing the temperature, and time the next two days(add 2 - 3 minutes and 2 degrees each time), and then decrease temperature and time the next two days after that. After each bath rub butter onto the body. Careful with overheating, blood pressure issues, and do not use in case of severe selling/edema. Ephedra (Ephedra monosperma) Chronic liver tsawa(fever), liver cleanse, Spleen disorders Back pain due to cold and wet weather Chronic inflammation Stop bleeding Wind disorder, coughing, and asthma Depression, Nervousness Mental disorders Warms stomach, liver, digestive (Do not use more than 2 times a

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