Social Effects Of Adolescence

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Although the definition of adolescent is different for diverse cultures, it is generally acknowledged that the time referred to as adolescence is the period between childhood and adulthood. This is the time in individuals’ lives where they move from dependency on their parents to independency and maturity. They start taking more interest in peer groups as compared to their families. Each individual face numerous challenges and individual transitions in their lives according to the environment in which they live. Some of them have supportive families whereas some of them have to face these challenges alone. This cannot be denied that these challenges can be exciting, thrilling and inspiring but on the other hand they can also be daunting, frightening…show more content…
Most of these individuals get into this habit due to their peers’ pressure who engage them in smoking or drinking for fun. They already are willing to try new things so they easily get encouraged to smoke or have drugs. Mostly, their parents are unaware of these things and they remain unchecked. This habit can last long and can have negative effects on their entire life. Elders at home can also be the reason behind this as they are role models for them and they copy them. Apart from this lack of self-esteem can also lead them to substance use and…show more content…
Social problems: As told above that this age group is mostly vulnerable so they also face social problems such as scolded by peers can make them feel down and they might feel defenseless. Apart from this, attraction to the opposite gender also arises in this age as their reproductive organs begins to develop in puberty. Competition with their fellows and peers is also one issue They think on what is right and what is wrong which arises questions in their minds. They have a lot of queries which they keep on thinking about. Parents and teachers should tell them about these things in a positive way on the right time to prevent them from wrong or negative perceptions which they might have by looking for answers to their questions on their own. You yourself need to discuss with them as they might no feel comfortable in doing so. 10. Addiction to cyberspace: With the advancement of technology, use of social media is getting wider day by day. Adolescents spend most of their time on phones, laptops and computers, texting, chatting, playing games and using social media sites. Such individuals tend to have less peer interaction and family interaction and they are not much active. They feel that this solitary life makes them happy and they get addicted to social media and internet. This results in cutting short their physical activities and results in health issues like weak eyesight or health issues. Some of them do productive things on internet

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