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Assignment 2 - Annotated Bibliography on Nursing Theory/Practice Models Nursing theory : Madeleine Leininger’s Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality 1. De Villiers, L & Van der Wal, D. (1995). Putting Leininger's Nursing Theory Culture Care Diversity and Universality into Operation in the Curriculum- Part 1. In Curationis 18(1) (pp.56-60). Many theorists and scholars and nurses believe that Madeleine Leininger’s Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality and transcultural nursing in general have greatly contributed to the science of nursing and many of its components have been empirically tested. This theory identifies culture and care as major dimensions in nursing and argues that cultural knowledge is required in patient…show more content…
This article is very insightful and useful because it not only analyzes and evaluates the theory but it also tests and operationalizes the theory. In other words, it tests its usefulness and application in real life clinical setting, which is a great example of how nursing theories are applied in practice. The authors clearly outline how they designed and conducted and research from describing the nursing theory and its tenants, to developing a framework for analysis and evaluation of the theory and to how they analyzed the results. Thus, the article would both be considered research as the authors conduct their own research and discuss and analyze the results and end with a conclusion. The authors are in favor of the theory and conclude that including the transnational model of nursing in the curriculum will be beneficial to care and more specifically it will result in culturally congruent care and provision of multicultural education to students. This conclusion will be useful to my assignment because I will also be arguing that this nursing model benefits care especially working in a multicultural society such as Canada, which is culturally diverse like South African where this study was conducted. I find…show more content…
If nurses are to be effective in meeting the needs of their patients, nursing practices must be better informed and need to know how to effectively relate to and interact with those patients in their care. In this way, I agree with the authors‘ point of view in this article that transnational nursing should be part of a curriculum, especially in multicultural societies. Interestingly, the authors also mention limitations of their study and acknowledge that their interpretations may include a degree of bias, which is important in any study. However, they do not go into much detail in regards to the limitations and how this nursing theory may be difficult to apply in clinical settings. For example, although I value the tenets of this theory, I am concerned with how well they can be applied in practice. Working nurses face many pressures, including staff shortages, heavy workloads and having to fill out a lot of required paperwork. I am concerned that these pressures in practice often leave little time for nurses to interact with patients and take the time to effectively communicate

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