Florence Nightingale Influence On Nursing

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The Influence of Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Nursing Theory on Healthcare A nursing theory is a group of thoughts or ideas that are derived from healthcare disciplines that attempt to explain and describe specific phenomena in the nursing field (Kim & Kollak, 2006). Nursing theories are the building blocks of the nursing profession. (Kim & Kollak, 2006). They allow nurses, including students and teachers, to understand the field of nursing and help direct the practice of nursing. (Kim & and Kollack, 2006). The first nursing theories were developed by Florence Nightingale; she is considered the first pioneer of modern nursing (Horsley, 2010; Kelly, 2012; Kim & Kollack, 2006; Lee, Clark, & Thompson, 2013; MacMillan, 2012; Stichler, 2014; Zborowsky, 2014). Florence Nightingale is acknowledged for bringing attention to sanitation and public health in military hospitals and other caregiving facilities (Fee & Garofalo, 2010; Kelly, 2012; Lee et al., 2013). Nightingale’s Environmental Theory of Nursing is one of her most well known contributions to nursing theories (Zborowsky, 2014). Nightingale wrote many papers based on her observations; her ideas and theories are still…show more content…
Nursing was viewed as one of the lowest professions and most nurses came from a low social class (Horsley, 2010). Florence Nightingale was born into a wealthy family that was able to provide her with an education, but her family expected her to mainly prepare to for marriage and being a wife (Garofalo & Fee, 2010; Horsley, 2010; MacMillan, 2012). Nightingale was not interested in marriage; she wanted to do something meaningful with her life (Garofalo & Fee, 2010). Her family highly disapproved of her choice to become a nurse; it was also looked down upon in society at that time (Garofalo & Fee, 2010; Horsley,
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