Love Like You Ve Never Been Hurt Book Report

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Have you ever been hurt before? “Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt.” Written by Cari Jackson this book is an example of what we have all experienced at one time or another in our lives. Boiling with rage and pain that was brought on by someone she treasured, Cari Jackson wrote this book to expose how we as humans can heal from “love-hurt.” The discomfort which appears when you have been wounded by someone you venerate. In the center of all the hurt and pain she was experiencing, a spiritual voice reveals the name of this book to her. Knowing that God has always geared her in the right direction, she listened to that inner voice and name the book “Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt.” When you are hurt by someone you love it’s harssd to focus correctly. Many individuals tend to question themselves as to why I am experiencing this or what is actually happening to me. Well, “emotional injuries” can occur at any time in someone life. Emotional injuries are inflicted by someone you care for or love. Sometimes “emotional injury” can penetrate an individual so hard it results into what is call an “emotional concussion.” An…show more content…
These memories can be overwhelming and often stay dormant for years, affecting what we do or how we are supposed to logically think. The ramifications of “unhealed emotional wounds” perpetrate by someone we love can result in three diverse behavior. “Knee jerk reactions” are injuries contained; decline or unhealed emotional wounds we feel responsible for. Children do not have the techniques to “process pain” as adults do. Therefore, allowing them to believe that they are the cause of any bad reactions. If these beliefs remain unchanged it will eventually affect their way of thinking, especially if they are entering adulthood, which can result in the projection of inner conflict. “Normalize pain are emotional wound” that occur often from identical

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