Three Major Monotheistic Religions

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There are three different major monotheistic religions of the world. They all have their similarities and differences. The religions are; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Their differences and similarities tell us how they became the great religions they are today. These religions have come so far from where they were when they began. I this essay we are going to discuss how they are different and similar. When people think of the names Jesus, Abraham and Muhammad they don’t really think about how they founded the three major monotheistic religions. Muhammad for example founded the religion Islam. Abraham was the one that founded Judaism. Jesus was the one to found Christianity. Islam was founded in 633 CE by Muhammad in Saudi Arabia. Judaism was founded in Palestine and the date was unknown. Christianity was also founded in Palestine in 33 CE. The original languages of the religions were all different though. The Islam’s spoke Arabic while the Christians spoke Aramaic. The Jews spoke Hebrew. The major concentrations of the religion were the Middle East and the South east for…show more content…
The Muslims Sharia and the Christians was Canon Law. Their types of theism are strict monotheism, and Trinitarian monotheism. The Jews and Muslims were a strict monotheism. The Christians were a Trinitarian monotheism. All of them believed in only one god, but the Christians and the Jews called their god a different name than the Muslims. The Muslims called their god Allah which is Arabic for God. The Jews called their god Yahweh, or Elohim. And the Christians called their god Yahweh. They each have a different a different worship day and different names for their house of worship. The Muslims called their house of worship a mosque and their worship day is Friday. The Jews call their house of worship synagogue and their worship day is Saturday. The Christians call their house of worship a church and their worship day is

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