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I read the book, A Thousands Never Evers :Miss Addie Ann Pickett, who always thought about how unfair things are. By Shana Burg “ Although I spent a whole school year in seventh grade,it’s the two minutes when my math teacher stepped out of class that I’ll remember for the rest of my life” ( Burg xi). This was a similarity to me, because from seventh grade year in math class I will always remember. All the times kids were really loud too when we were all so quiet it was scared, the teacher leaving the class to take a call, to the teacher keeping us after class because there was paper/garbage on the floor. “ You know Medgar went to war in the United states of America? He risked his life in the Second World War.And you know what else?When he…show more content…
Rows 9-12 colors. (Burg 201) The book takes place in Kookachoo, Mississippi, 1963, Addie Ann Pickett worships her brother's Elias and follows in his footsteps by attending the black junior high school. When Addi Ann followed her brother footsteps, I thought that was really cool because I guess I am not going to follow all of my brother's footsteps because I want things in life different, but I look up to my brother a lot and follow some of his footsteps. In the book that was a similarity to me. Addie Ann’s careless act leads to her brother’s disappearance and possible murder. “ There’s only a handful of us who know the truth: my brother’s nothing but…show more content…
Now he’s hiding in the Montgomerys’ pantry, Sleeping, eating and praying the day away.” (Burg 216) The white citizens cannot accept the fact that Mr. Adams intended them to garden side by side with the blacks. When Addie Ann’s Uncle Bump is accused of destroying the garden, the blacks, led by a local reverend, unite to come to his defense. “Mr. Tate looks down at the floor. Correct, he says. Please tell the court why you abandoned your responsibilities in the garden. It’s simple, really. The first time we showed up at the garden to do our job, we ran into Sam Mudge at the gate. She tells us tending is Negro work. Says we shouldn’t let our wives talk us into doing it. Says he’d rather pay his own money to hire Bump Dawson and a few field hands to do the job instead, of watch us humiliate ourselves. (Burg 226) This doesn't happen in the time zone I live in now. But that is not ok to call someone a name that's harsh like that, but also it's not ok that they treat people the way that they

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