Anti Corruption In Malaysia Case Study

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In early 1959, Malaysia's (then Malaya) efforts to combat corruption were carried out by two item, respectively focusing on investigations and prevention. Investigations on corruption cases were tasked to the Special Crimes Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Royal Malaysian Police while an Anti-Corruption Agency was set-up in the Prime Minister’s Department to manage the aspect on prevention. Matters link with prosecution were under the purview of the Attorney General's Chambers. Due to the fact that anti-corruption activities were then carried out by three different agencies, the Government decided to consolidate the project of investigation, prevention and prosecution under one umbrella by setting-up the Anti-Corruption…show more content…
Next, in a move to specialise the anti-corruption body in terms of its roles and functions, NBI was re-named back to ACA in 1982 with the passing of the ACA Act 1982 thus making ACA as a single and special entity in fighting corruption in Malaysia. In 2008, the Parliament and the Government unanimously approved the formation of an independent anti-corruption commission to be known as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and substitution the ACA Act 1982 to the MACC Act. The MACC Act 2009 came to effect on 1 January 2009 which led to the official establishment of the MACC as an independent, transparent and professional body to effectively and efficiently manage the nation’s anti-corruption efforts (,…show more content…
Whistleblower must provide information that can lead to corruption offences that is when, where, who, what, why and how ( 5W1H ). Without provide any information details to MACC such as name and contact number, MACC will take a long time to check on the status of the information provided through the Complaints Management System (CMS). MACC will investigate the information of complaints and then evaluation information committee ( alert status-dependent on the details of address/email or telephone number of the complainant gave MACC ). If the message is trustworthy, MACC will take action through the way of legal/prosecution/attorney general and MACC will let the Operation Review Panel to decide the suspect that is prosecution or without prosecution (, 2016). It will take few days to process. For example, the issues of MACC about a managing director of a company has offered RM30,000 bribe to a technician in a company to influence his superior to choose a suspect company in a tender. The Special Registrar, Nurul Balqis Zunaidi, remitted the remand application by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) investigator, Riduan Kadri at the Special Remand Court by 1 Mac 2018. When MACC receive a call from whistleblower, they investigation through process and take action to detained the 48-year-old man at the MACC Negeri Sembilan office at 1.50pm.

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